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Free VPN service is perfect to hide IP address and location. Use it for your safe and secure Internet browsing!

What is VPN?

Your Universal Tool

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is 100% safe tunnel between Internet and your device, which gives total anonymity by simply masking user IP address and showing random IP address and location, which can be chosen as America, EU, Asia, etc. The connection is encrypted, so one can be sure to use any web site in café, library or any place with public Internet connection.

Stay Private

Personal Data is 100% Safe

HideMate helps you not only to be totally private, but to choose your location allowing to surf websites anonymously. While you use virtual private network, there is no information which web sites you surf, as VPNs use complex algorithms to confuse third parties regarding any user activity. Also with their help, you can easily get rid of targeted annoying advertisement.

Bypass Filters

No More Limits for Your Favorite Resources

YouTube, Netflix, Skype, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram – this list is truly endless, as free VPN can unblock any web site for you! Reach any platform you want even if your country has restrictions in streaming it. Feel yourself free in whatever you do! We sincerely support the idea of user freedom, that’s why our platform is so easy and accessible for anyone from any part of the world!

Encrypt Connection

All Data is Inaccessible by Anyone but You

Encrypt connection means that your data is passed in unreadable way as in our free web proxy service. In addition, your browsing history is not visible. Though search engines track search activity, they connect it with IP address. As long as you use our best VPN service with random IP address, you can fell absolutely safe. It hides your devices, and web activity, too.